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Dear Reader,  


Are you a virgin? Were you a virgin? Did your first love brand his or her name into yours? Set you off like a comet into the future with their lovemaking attached to your hopes and dreams?          

What are virgin men like?  Physically, they usually take to lovemaking naturally, but they often benefit from some instruction. Emotionally? Male virgins are as vulnerable, confused and emotional as female virigins.    


“Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll” was the Sixties' Sexual Revolution’s battle cry, but only because of The Pill.  The Pill liberated me from pregnancy, only to make me a slave to my passions.  I loved the adventure, the hunt and the conquest like any man, although born female.  No STDS back then.  No AIDS.  

Rather Vietnam and the anti-war battle cry: “Make love, not war!”  


I made love.  Among my lovers were virgins. These are love letters to my virgin lover and the men as virgins I slept with.


May these stories provide you with adventure, love, and, perhaps, some understanding and wisdom about human nature. 

Peace & Love, 










PS: I wrote this book from 1978 to 1982. I focused on presenting the man in each chapter: the man's personality, actions and words. When a friend said, "It's all about you!" I protested. Only years later, did I realize the truth, and was shocked. 

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