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Mick, the Welshman


  •  You branded my virginity with the Union Jack, your English accent, your  Welsh heritage.

  •  I look from your face to your genitals…..You look so ugly there!

  •  But can’t you make me come, like you do? Can’t I have that too?

  •  Words are hieroglyphics for much bigger events.

Shawn, First Love

  •  I make light of my disappointment.  “I don’t know. I was a virgin a minute ago and don’t know if I still am. What happened?”

  •  I caress your penis only to discover I am pulling on your Puritan horrors.

  •  I recall all your careers and wonder if you still want to be an oceanographer, journalist, radio-TV newsman, reporter, electrician, electronics specialist or a Star Trek crew member.

Dennis, College Love

  •  It is as if I live on Joseph Conrad’s lifeboat and you on Fellini’s Romaluxury liner, insisting you do notneed luxury, but find it comfortable.

  •  “Is that all you think about? Your precious baby-free sex?”

  • I wonder that what you feel for me (is)… some nebulous middle-class sense of “This is okay  for a while relationship but nothing serious.” 

Richard, the Triangle

  • Color is as necessary to the soul as food is to the body.

  •  We are God unto ourselves because we interpret everything that  happens to us.

  •  “When will you learn we were all young then? We’ve grown up and   changed. We all hurt each other, but we all loved each other.”

        Keith, the Canadian Adventurer



  •  “I don’t how any of the sex relates to the story,” another woman is saying. “You mean you want me to edit all the sex scenes?” I ask in horror. “They don’t really add much to the story,” she says.

  •  “I tried to live how other people say life should be lived, but I tired of it too quickly. It drains the soul to live a conventional life.”

  •  “God, I love Americans! They have such damn awful energy! Canadians just sit back on their arses and bad-rap Americans because they’re so jealous.”

Pierre, the Frenchman

  •  “I walk around for years,” you say, “for years, a virgin! But now, I am not. And in lovely San Franciscowith a beautiful, older American woman!” you say and kiss my mouth.

  •  If so much love is within these pages, then, despite my  mistakes, I have loved. And I have been loved. I have had a good life.

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