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The Guitar Player -
A San Francisco Romance


Originally published as Virgins! A Memoir of the Sexual Revolution in 2006, this edition includes a preface, three new chapters, and an epilogue. 

Reviews by
Windy City Reviews




Two love stories: one neurotic and musical, THE GUITAR PLAYER. The other psychotic and murderous, THE LADY KILLER.  


The connection? The lovers. San Francisco's street musician was THE LADY KILLER's virgin lover. Chicago's mob hit man was THE GUITAR PLAYER's virgin lover. 


THE LADY KILLER is a fictional account based on the 1976 Chicago Columbo murders. 

  Reviews                     Deborah Sloan



Click for the full pdf cover and back of VIRGINS! A Memoir of the Sexual Revoluion

Review by
Sandra Van Hooser,
Romance Studio


c/o Argo & Cole

    460 Dover 

       Roselle, IL 60172

Review by Jill, Los Angeles

     Ten Truths about Male Virgins


1. They are scared the first time.

2. Often their virgin lover becomes the blueprint for future lovers.

3. Often alcohol does not help. Marihuana does.

4. Talking helps.

5. Like women, they are concerned about their body image.

6. Once comfortable mentally, they take to lovemaking naturally.

7. They must learn a woman needs to be turned on to naturally
   lubricate her vagina for easier entrance.

8. They have also learn how to know the woman has an
   orgasm (not to be a selfish lover).

9. They often don’t want to talk about or use birth control.

10. Some male virgins pretend they are not a virgin and may
    never tell the woman she was their first.




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